Weegee - Martian Woman on the Telephone, circa 1955.

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Prohibition protest in New York

July 4, 1925

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Did you know

Before signing for McLaren, James Hunt insisted on a clause in his contract stipulating he wasn’t required to wear suits for sponsorship events, resulting in the driver turning up to black-tie events in t-shirt and jeans.

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August 2, 1914: Germany has declared war on Russia. Went swimming in the afternoon.
Franz Kafka, Diary (via stxxz)
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And what’s so special about your lifestyle? You’re homeless, jobless, car-less and single. What does that amount to? Terry Collier, bachelor pedestrian.

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Flugzeugträger Graf Zeppelin (Aircraft Carrier)

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To pray is to breathe alongside God.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (via idlovetobeyourgirlfriend)
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1981 Citroen Xenia concept

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